Cold dishes

Remolacha, boquerones en vinagre, coppa, pistachio

Compressed beetroot, anchovies in vinegar, home-made coppa, pistachio vinaigrette, beetroot coulis

3 900 HUF

Guisantes y vegetalesal escabeche

Green peas tartelette, pickled vegetables, ginger, mustard seeds, lime

3 900 HUF

Tiradito de vieras

Scallops, habanero, lime, cucumber

4 900 HUF

Rillette de faisan

Pheasant rillette, malbec wine coulis, apple and fennel

4 900 HUF

Tartar de carne (100 g) – SIGNATURE DISH

Steak tartar, tartufata sauce, cured egg yolk, fried capers

6 900 HUF

Taco de atun – SIGNATURE DISH

Tuna tataki with sesame seeds, guacamole, soy caramel, corn shell

6 900 HUF


Mixed salad, black beans, feta, mango, avocado, mint

4 900 HUF

Charcuterie – SIGNATURE DISH (dry-cured mangalitsa specialities)

An ancient family recipe for which we use local ingredients to guarantee the best quality of the meat served with fresh home-made bread

5 900 HUF

Hot dishes


Provolone cheese, oregano, paprika

3 900 HUF

Perfect fries

Home-made fries, truffle, parmesan cheese

6 900 HUF

Bacalao, dendê, coconut – SIGNATURE DISH

Cod, dendê oil- and coconut sauce, parsley air

6 900 HUF

Carrillera de res, yucca, mole

Beef cheeks cassava-provoleta croquette, mole and wine sauce

5 900 HUF

Trilogia de cerdo – SIGNATURE DISH

Pork belly, “cochinita pibil” fried dumpling, pork tuille with pork paté

5 900 HUF

Magret de pato, pure de ñame

Grilled duck breast, yam mousse, roasted onion in beetroot juice, corn crumble

5 900 HUF

Empanada duo

Beef and mushroom-chicken fried empanada

3 900 HUF

Torrezno enrulado

Torrenzo, grilled pineapple salad

5 900 HUF


Josper-grilled asparagus, sheep cheese foam, jamon crumble

4 900 HUF

Pincho de mollejas

Sweetbreads, toast, pickled onion, chimichurri

4 900 HUF

From Josper (Wood-fired grill)

Spectacular grill platter (for 2 people)

Created by the owners of Matador. Tira de asado, our home-made chorizo, 72-hour smoked chicken, bbq ribs , with steak potato and two sauces on the side

17 900 HUF

Tenderloin (220 g)

16 900 HUF

Secreto iberico (500 g)

12 900 HUF

Picanha (300g)

9 900 HUF

Tira de asado (900g) – SIGNATURE DISH

16 900 HUF


Steak potato

2 300 HUF

Small green fusion salad

2 900 HUF

Grilled vegetables

2 900 HUF

Extra sauce

700 HUF


Tarta de queso – SIGNATURE DISH

Cheesecake, malbec wine sorbet

3 900 HUF

Chocolate & kiwi

Chocolate mousse cake, kiwi sorbet

3 400 HUF

Fresas & champagne (vegan)

Stawberry compote, strawberry and champagne foam and sorbet

3 400 HUF